Bank Alfalah joins hands with Aman Foundation

 KARACHI (PR): Bank Alfalah Limited, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, has partnered with the Aman Foundation to support their life-saving Ambulance programme.

The Aman Foundation's flagship Aman Ambulances have made 900,000+ interventions to date. In Pakistan, only a small percentage of patients use ambulance services in case of emergency. Ambulances also are not equipped with the necessary facilities or staff to handle emergencies effectively. Aman Ambulances carry life-saving medicines and medical equipment, along with trained medical personnel. Bank Alfalah is committed to investing in meaningful causes and working towards a more sustainable future for Pakistan.

CEO Bank Alfalah, Nauman Ansari said, “We believe strongly in inspiring change and supporting organisations in order to address the most pressing social problems facing the country. Our strategies are aligned with our vision of enabling people to be able to shape their own paths in life. The Aman Foundation has developed some outstanding programs, and I am confident that they will continue to do so in the future.”

Malik Ahmad Jalal, CEO, Aman Foundation, expressed his gratitude by stating, “I am pleased that Aman’s vision of transforming lives is shared by Bank Alfalah and I thank them for their generosity and investment in providing better healthcare services to the citizens of Karachi via the Aman Ambulance service. It is with the support of likeminded organisations, such as Bank Alfalah, that Aman will be able to serve more people through its life-saving ambulance service.”

 New LG monitors boast premium picture quality and performance

SEOUL (PR): At CES 2018 in Las Vegas, LG will introduce upgraded models of its popular monitor lineup with Nano IPS technology that take color reproduction capabilities to a new level. In response to customer feedback, LG added support for HDR600 with even higher dynamic range of peak brightness and new connectivity options with full Thunderbolt™ 3 compatibility.

LG’s new 32-inch UHD 4K monitor (model 32UK950) is the first to offer LG’s advanced Nano IPS technology. Nano IPS technology involves the application of nanometer-sized particles to the screen’s LED to absorb excess light wavelengths. This greatly enhances the intensity and purity of on-screen colors for a more accurate and life-like viewing experience. This LG monitor can display 98 percent of the DCI-P3 color spectrum, comparable to monitors used to master Hollywood blockbusters. Ideal for media prosumers seeking superb color reproduction with its support for HDR 600 LG 32UK950 users will experience high dynamic range of peak brightness of 600 candela (cd/?).

LG model 32UK950 features the first Thunderbolt™ 3 docking display to support 4K daisy chaining, allowing a set-up of dual 4K monitors. This LG monitor can connect to Thunderbolt™ 3 notebooks like Macbook Pro via a single active Thunderbolt™ 3 cable - no charging adapter or unsightly USB cables required. This monitor’s single Thunderbolt™ 3 cable transmits 4K content and sound while providing enough charge to power a 60W notebook, simplifying any work space. With its beautiful signature Edge-ArcLine Stand and stunning 4-Side Edge Borderless Design where the picture literally drops off the edge, there is no mistaking this LG monitor for anything else.

Expected to be another hot item at this year’s CES, LG’s 34-inch UltraWide monitor (model 34WK95U) delivers a broad range of accurate colors and viewing angles at a surreal 5K resolution (5120 x 2160 pixels). LG’s very first 21:9 5K UltraWide monitor is loaded to the maximum with a hefty amount of screen real estate and eye-popping colors. This ultimate 5K viewing experience is geared towards users who multitask extensively, such as video editors, photographers and software and app developers. 

 Model 34WK95U supports Nano IPS technology, fantastic color reproduction capabilities and HDR600. In addition, model 34WK95U features a Thunderbolt™ 3 port, which enables the transmission of 5K resolution images at 60Hz with a single cable. The Thunderbolt™ 3 interface is ideal for power laptop users who desire fast video, audio and data transfers without the need for a separate AC adapter. With its elegant, stunning profile, this LG monitor turns heads even when powered off, with its 4-Side Edge Borderless Design and gorgeous slim Edge-ArcLine Stand addition to its refined image.

 Goto deploys Oracle Cloud solutions

 KARACHI (PR): Pakistan’s emerging online marketplace aims to give a boost to its foothold in the online shopping industry and gain a competitive advantage by successfully deploying Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle SCM Cloud solutions to help improve business efficiencies, streamline inventory management and provide an enhanced shopping experience to its customers.

The selection came after’s management decided to add new capabilities to its shopping platform, including process automation to support real-time inventory and order management and 360-degree visibility of all operations and financials to improve decision-making.  Another goal is to improve the shopping experience significantly by using synchronized inventory management to ensure its online store only shows available products in its catalogue.

As part of its selection, has deployed Oracle Financial Service Cloud and Oracle Warehousing Management Cloud Service, both part of Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle SCM Cloud solutions.

At a recent event ‘Grow with Goto’, the company announced the deployment of Oracle ERP Cloud to their key stakeholders including vendors, payment partners and strategic partners.

 RITA to efficiently serve citizens of Tanzania through InfoTech’s product

LAHORE (PR): InfoTech, a leading technology solutions company, went live with its project to implement its flagship productGeReg®- a one stop shop e-government service - at the Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA) in Tanzania.

RITA is responsible for registration of information on key life events, incorporation of trustees, and safeguarding properties under trust, of deceased persons, insolvents, and minors in Tanzania. However, lack of communication and travel facilities in Tanzania, especially in rural areas, caused RITA to have a significant backlog of unregistered births. Failure to achieve its original goal set out in 2010 through the Under 5’s Birth Registration Initiative to register births as close as possible in time and location to where they occur, led to the pursuit of a solution to counter the problems. After a rigorous competitive bidding process, InfoTech secured this World Bank funded project.

InfoTech proposed its flagship product GeReg® for effective administration of entities inter-alia the registration of births and deaths, in the first phase. This system will also help in better decision-making by providing friendly services and accurate data for national planning and economic development. GeReg® will help revolutionize the birth and death registration process in the region and facilitate registration in rural areas by providing access through any Internet enabled device.

Additionally, the upgraded infrastructure supporting the birth and death registration is state of the art and modern that can support the operations smoothly, and has room for future expansion as well. Trainings and capacity building by InfoTech experts have ensured that the transition from legacy system to GeReg® is seamless and efficient, helping RITA fulfill its mission of bringing public service to the next level of excellence and living up to its vision of becoming a highly progressive department that efficiently services its customers.