Karachi - Rangers were called in to maintain peace after a mob ransacked a school and thrashed its watchman over alleged rape of a girl Friday.

The mob justice took place a couple of days following the reported murder after rape of a little girl in Kasur district of Punjab province triggered countrywide protest for child protection.

Government and opposition have started blame game to point political scores, letting people take law into their own hands. The yesterday’s mob attack on a private school in Ibrahim Hyderi neighbourhood of the Sindh capital was cited as a ‘protest’ against its school watchman over rape charges.

Scores of people gathered outside the school, attacked it and beat up the watchman badly. The angry protesters locked the staffers in the staff room and shattered windowpanes.

Situation at Benazir Chowk remained tense for two hours. Police reached the site but fail to maintain law and order. Later, the Rangers took the accused in custody and shifted him to police station concerned for grilling.

According to protesters, the girl was abused by the watchman on Thursday.  “We are here to protect our daughters and sisters and we will not tolerate such incidents,” an angry protester, Kashif Khan, said.

Following the attack, Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal and top cops Mushtaq Mahar and Sultan Khawaja also visited the girl’s family.

“The family says the girl told them about the incident on Thursday,” a policeman told the media.

Khawaja said the family told the police that they went to the school to hold a ‘meeting with principal but they had no idea about a crowd who attacked the school.

The family refused to lodge any case or to get conduced  a medical examination over the incident.