Researchers have spent decades if not centuries to establish a relationship between art and human intellect. For instance, in the year 2013, researchers from Newcastle University found that looking at contemporary visual art had constructive effects on human’s brain.  Scientists proved that all forms of art enhance human intellect and cognitive abilities and effectively influence the individual’s emotions and brain wave patterns with a dramatic impact on the nervous system.  It would be rational to say that art can actually raise and change the individual’s experience and perception about the world. Regardless of the nature or type of the art that we are surrounded by, whether it is a painting, music or even videos can have an enormous impact on our mood and emotions.

Philosophers throughout the documented history have tried to seek the main purpose of art. Art can be used to communicate ideas, and utilize the themes deeply rooted in spirituality, philosophically and cultural inheritance. Art also grants wisdom and elevates the worldly experience on a brand new level. Unlike normally perceived, art is not just a painting hanging on the wall or a piece of sepulture to decorate the room. Art is something that makes you feel happy, relaxed and motivated toward the life and the world.  Art allows us to escape into the refuge of our imagination to leave behind the anxiety of the modern day world. Art has major importance in culture and culture itself is a backbone of any civilization because it defines us individuals and assay to make us better people.

Art plays a vital role in society by creating a room for fresh air and an escape from the stressful daily routines of our lives. There is no other organization all across the nation other than “Alhamra” working hard enough for the promotion of art and culture and generating quality entertainment on no price. That is the reason why Executive Director Lahore Arts Council Ather Ali Khan said that all form of arts like singing, painting, acting and, dancing can give people reasons and emotions for their spiritually uplifting by making them more focused and driven than ever.  This is the actual reason why Lahore Arts Council organizes different cultural activities. Undoubtedly, today’s stress full life needs more entertainment than ever. That is why Alhamra always focuses on the provision and engagement of culture-driven activities for the people of Lahore by arranging drama festivals, qawali nights, painting exhibitions and several other cultural activities to promote and exhibit rich Punjabi Culture.

  Ather Ali Khan further said: “Alhamra is the place where art grows. So we give our best to meet the expectation of people from Alhamra.”  Two recent exhibitions best reflect the efforts of the Alhamra Arts Council. The first exhibition titled “Positive Pakistan” was based on pictures which exhibited a positive image of Pakistan. The second exhibition was a calligraphy exhibition which was organized by the calligraphers association of Pakistan. Alhamra is one of the mightiest platforms ever excited in Pakistan to ensure the inequitable excellence in the domains of cultural legacy and performing arts. This one of a kind centaury nourished and strengthened the delicate plant of Punjabi Culture and flourished it into a tree with the sweet fruit of integrated cultural identity. Like a kind, mother Alhamra has always opened its arms to take in national talent and transform them it into a beacon of culture and heritage.

Alhamra has always encouraged the awareness campaigns for social benefits. The recent campaign on Clean and Green Pakistan was taken seriously at Alhamra. The Executive Director Athar Ali Khan planted a Tree to symbolize the environmental sustainability and this effort to harmonize with the cleaner and pollution free Pakistan. The writer is Public Information Officer at Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore