KAMALIA-Citizens have expressed concerns over high rates charged by the shopkeepers in the city. It has been observed in a recent public poll that the shopkeepers are ignoring the prices set by the Market Committee and enforce their own rates.

Usually, the Market Committee creates a rate list daily for the vegetables, fruits, meat and other items to ensure a reasonable price range for the citizens. But the shopkeepers and cart vendors make excuses of the dearness of Petrol, Gas and USD and sell the vegetables, fruits etc. at a much higher price than the Market Committee price list, which the citizens are forced to pay. Citizens have protested that the Price Control Committee is dormant since quite a while leaving the people at traders’ mercy.

The shopkeepers stated that they are forced to buy items at higher wholesale prices and cannot take losses. While the market committee officials said that rates for standard items is given in the price list, but the shopkeepers sell standard and non-standard items at the same price. Concerned social circles have demanded that the Deputy Commissioner should arm the Price Control Committees and mobilize the Price Control Magistrates.