KARACHI-The talk of the town for this weekend, Karachi Eat is back and of course we stopped by to check out some of the new food stall at the food festival. With mouth watering yummies everywhere, you can’t stop yourself from hoarding on all the scrumptious goodies. From the upcoming food stalls, we have to say, some were good while others weren’t worth the time. Here’s our top 5 new food stalls from Karachi Eat 2019!


It was love at first sight at Rigo’s Chimney Cakes. We couldn’t stop drooling over freshly bakes chimney cakes while waiting in line. The cakes were shaped like cones glazed with oil and coated with sugar. The inner lining has an option of three flavors – chocolate, vanilla, chocolate Nutella and strawberry. The goodness doesn’t just end there, you get an opportunity to fill it with a scoop of ice cream and more option of various toppings including marshmallows. We were so overwhelmed by the chimney cakes and couldn’t try out the pretzels but they looked equally heavenly.


If you haven’t had mal purey at Burns Road Karachi because of hygiene issues, Spiceogetti is definitely a must stop! Freshly served, homemade comfort cooking!We also got to try their khaosey and man it was soo good.  Serving some delish khaosey, with a bunch of condiments. The curry was warm and flavorful. It was spicy and we thoroughly enjoyed the punch of coconut flavor. There’s nothing like a warm bowl of their khaosey


Cheese lovers you have to have to try out slamwich and their fantabulous sandwiches. They’re probably the heaviest sandwich you’ve had in your life!! We tried cheese lover and the tender slam and omg…we promise you’ve never tried sandwiches like these before. They’re also conducting a one hand challenge. If you can finish your sandwich using just one hand (which isn’t as easy as it might sound), you get a free sandwich!

Health Act

For all the health-conscious people, Health Act might be a good choice at Karachi Eat. The chicken salsa wraps and corn beef caramelized onion sandwich was aaaahmmmaazziingg!! They even give you a breakdown of what you’re consuming. We enjoyed the fact that the food had a slightly desi take to healthy eating, definitely refreshing. If eating healthy could be this yummy then we’re totally up for dieting.

Khaosey 2.0

All Karachiites love Khaoseyand we’re no different. Kahosey 2.0 had two flavors chicken and beef. Don’t expect different version because they’re serving authentic khaosey flavor and nothing ever beets that. Loved the curry and the different condiments were equally fresh.