BEIJING-A human skull found near the borders of China, Mongolia and Russia is confirmed as dating back more than 10,000 years, researchers announced Saturday.

A carbon-14 dating study on four skull samples discovered at Jalainur District, Manzhouli City in northern China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region confirmed the earliest sample was around 10,113 years old.

The other three were found to date from 7,400 years, 1,600 years and 1,000 years, Wu Xiaohong, with the school of archaeology and museology of Peking University (PKU), told a press conference in Beijing.

"These findings prove that humans lived in the Jalainur area 10,000 years ago," said Wu, a team member of the study.

Starting in March 2018, the study was jointly conducted by researchers from PKU and the school of archaeology at Jilin University.