Iran’s accidental downing of a Ukrainian commercial flight has brought up new wrinkles in the relationship with the US and created fissures between the government and the people at home as well. What happens now is anyone’s guess; the US can use this instance as an excuse for further violence, using the botched attack as evidence of Iran’s misconduct in conflict. Add this to the massive failure involved in this attack, many western experts are theorising that the Revolutionary Guard’s command and control is riddled with problems, and Iran is hence incapable of ensuring the safety of a nuclear bomb, if completed.

This quite obviously gives the US more ammunition against the Iranian Administration, and judging by the outbreak of protests in Iran, the US is no longer alone. Tehran admitted – albeit belatedly – of bringing the flight down by accident, but this has not improved public perception regarding the incident.

The economic instability, allegations of dictatorship and now a fatal mistake – leading to deaths of Iranian, Canadian and Ukrainian civilians alike – has understandably led to greater antagonism against the current government.

Tehran cannot undo mistakes made, but a genuine attempt to make amends might, at the very least, be sufficient for its own protesting people at the moment. Fast-tracking the investigation of the incident needs to be made a priority.

General Amir Ali Hajizadeh of the Revolutionary Guard has already come out and admitted that one individual was responsible. Whether this was truly the case needs to be looked at transparently. The state must also look to compensate the families of those lost, as best as it can.

The people of Iran are the ones bearing the brunt of the economic sanctions imposed on the country by the US. And now, they are the ones dealing with the loss of their loved ones, due to the Iranian forces own hasty attempts at retribution. The government must look to show its people that it stands with them through these tough times, and at the very least it will guarantee avoiding bloodshed especially when its own people might be caught in the crossfire.