Education is a matter of life and death for every nation. Education doesn’t mean the literal or bookish knowledge only but it also includes your behavioural and characteristics development as a responsible person. Education not only enhances our existing skills, but also add value to our life. Education is a building block of sustainable progress of country. More educated and knowledge empowered individuals are required for be in list of developed states.

Unfortunately, our country is facing serious crisis in the field of education and gender discrimination also add fuel to the fire of illiteracy and educational ignorance. Pakistan is a country where we see so many institutions out there; but we are unable to experience quality education. Syllabus provided in private institutions is of more quality than public sector. Children from humble families are unable to get quality mentors and syllabus. Pakistan can expect developed future. Educational institutes need to develop students mentally and physically. Public sector institutes all over world are known as most trusted organizations but scenario is unfortunately opposite here.

In our rural areas, female education is still considered a curse and women are enforced to get married to over-aged men and to spend a ruthless life. Despite the existence of NGO’s and educational activists, basic education is still a dream for many individuals in Pakistan. This discrimination and inequality has worst effect on children, which makes them anti-social. It is must for government to take steps for the improvement of education system. Equal facilities and opportunities should be provided to everyone in education section to guarantee progress in any country.