ISLAMABAD-The Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) has shown incredible performance by arranging a number of events for the promotion of Pakistani literature and literary activities during the past year 2019.

More than 500 books and journals have been published on Pakistani literature including mystic poetry translations from Pakistani literature and Encyclopedia of Pakistani Literature.

PAL also published quarterly journal Adabiyat (Urdu) and bi-annual Pakistani Literature (English) and monthly newsletter Academy (Urdu).

As part of its efforts PAL held several seminars on the works of renowned authors and poets and references in memory of literary figures.

PAL held seminars on sufi poets like Bulleh Shah, Waris Shah, Shah Hussain, Shah Latif Bhitayee, Sachal Sarmast, Khushal Khan Khattak, Rehman Baba, Jam Durrak, Mast Tawakli, Khawaja Fareed, Allama Iqbal, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Shaikh Ayaz, Gul Khan Naseer and Mir Hamza Shanwari.

PAL has organized seminar on International Mother Tongue Day where senior writers, poets and scholars and general public participated in the events.

PAL held National Literary Awards to encourage the production of creative works and to promote artistic excellence and recognition of meritorious works.

Kamal-e-Fun Award was also organized by PAL for life time achievements of senior Pakistani writers and poets since 1997. PAL also arranged anniversary functions, which were frequently attended by writers and general public.

In order to recognize the services of senior writers and poets, PAL organized a programme titled “Meet a writer over a cup of tea” and a series of 9 programmes have been organized in honour of writers. The PAL also organized book exhibitions and book festivals which were attended by all major publishers of Pakistan and general public.

For the welfare of writers community, PAL arranged honorarium in which PAL paid monthly honoraria of Rs31,200 per month to writers and poets and bereaved families of deceased writers, who are facing hardships or economic distress.

Under this scheme, 500 families were being benefitted and during the period under reference, stipend was paid regularly.

Besides monthly stipends, PAL assistance was also extended to ailing writers for medical treatment and to their bereaved families on the recommendations of local literary organizations.

Insurance scheme was also being provided by PAL to writers and poets and was planned to cover 2,000 writers and poets in the first phase. Over 700 writers have been covered under the scheme so far it added.

PAL was maintaining a 10-room writer’s house on self-financed basis for providing accommodation to writers and scholars, visiting Islamabad from all over the country at nominal rates.