The life we are living is a great blessing from Allah. Allah has blessed us in so many ways that no one wants to die and leave this world. But nowadays we are seeing growing number of suicide cases in Pakistan. The suicide rate is 15-35 persons per day. That means 1 person every hour and that is increasing day by day.

Suicide is prohibited in Islam and is considered a major sin but still people are going for it in this Islamic republic of Pakistan. Why is it? Because this society is making it difficult to survive here. Poverty, harassment, bullying, depression, loneliness etc. all are the major reasons for people to take their lives. People kill their children and then take their own lives due to poverty. They can’t see their children suffering from hunger. The sad truth is that even the basic needs of the people of our country are not being fulfilled. People don’t have enough jobs to feed their children.

Harassment and bullying effect the mental health of sensitive people and they start getting depressed but in our culture mental health is not addressed properly. It is considered a taboo for a person to go and visit a psychiatrist. That’s why people keep on fighting a war within themselves and some day it ends in the form of a suicide.

What if our country and government consider the problems of poor people? What if our society start accepting mental health issues as they accept the other health problems? Only then Pakistan would become a better place to live.