LAHORE - The district bars throughout Punjab have resolved not to invite any PCO judges, including Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar, as well as ministers/advisers of the federal government to their bars to address the lawyers' community or for any other purpose. Of the total 36 district bar associations of the province, 32 bars unanimously have called upon Pakistan Bar Council and the Punjab Bar Council to refuse the grant offered by federal government which they said, was an 'alms' to fizzle out their movement. After marathon meeting wherein presidents and secretaries of the bars exchanged views on expediting the lawyers movement for the restoration of judiciary to November 2 position, President Lahore Bar Association Manzoor Qadir told the media that any district bar inviting the PCO judge or the federal minister or advisor to its function would face serious wrath of the community. The meeting also decided not to accept any decision taken individually except that which would come through the Joint Action Committee which represents the countrywide community. It also demanded restoration of the November 2 judiciary and removal of all judges appointed to the superior judiciary under PCO as they are not constitutionally appointed holders of their offices. President LBA said the meeting has resolved to align any deposed judge who would accept the office without reinstatement of Justice Ifitkhar Muhammad Chaudhry as Chief Justice of Pakistan, with the PCO judges and show him the same amount of resentment. Reposing complete confidence in the leadership of President SCBA Aitzaz Ahsan, Ali Ahmad Kurd, Justice (r) Tariq Mahmood, Munir A Malik, Hamid Khan and Justice (r) Rashid A Rizvi, the meeting asked them all to give a deadline to the government for restoring the judges, otherwise they would all march to Islamabad to stage a sit-in till the judges would be put back to their jobs. The meeting observed, previously the government gave a timeframe for judges' restoration but failed to honour its commitment but now the lawyers must give it their own ultimatum. Alluding to the PML(N), Qadir said, before elections a coalition partner put its candidates under oath to restore the judges while another party in the coalition had failed to abide by its commitment. If the coalition partners did not restore the judges, they would meet the same fate as the PML(Q) had met in the form of a crushing defeat in the Feb 18 elections. He said once the judges are restored, the legal fraternity all over the country would stand by the government, enabling it to remove General Pervez Musharraf from power. Qadir smelling hand of Musharraf and his cronies in the recent bomb blasts in the country, said Musharraf has caused irreparable loss to the country that Pakistan and he cannot go together. The meeting, he said, has also called for the immediate halt to the military operation in the tribal areas and Swat and demanded that the matter be decided through talks and peaceful methods. The meeting also demanded prompt measures to arrest the spiraling price-hike. Qadire said lawyers are determined to fight for the safety and security of the country and in that way they would not shy away from rendering any sacrifices. He said restoration of judges would lay the foundation of a strong and stable Pakistan.