KARACHI - Hearing of attempting to murder Asif Ali Zardari case has been adjourned till July 28, however the court has issued non-bail able arrest warrants against the former Chief of NAB Saif-ur-Rhaman, his brother Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, former Inspector General Rana Maqbool, former DIG Farooq Hussain Qureshi and former DPO Hyderabad Najaf Shah. The hearing of the case held in the court of Mr Irfan Ali Siddiqi Additional Magistrate and Session Judge South on Saturday in which the investigation police have produced their reports, after getting the report the judge has issued the directives to the police to produce the nominated accused before the court. Whereas police requested to give minimum one month in order to produce the nominated accused before the court. The police also requested to the court that the a DIG ranked officer should be appointed to arrest and produce them as mostly the nominated accused are political personalities and are in Lahore or out of the country. It must be mentioned here that on May 1999, police claimed that Asif Ali Zardari had tried to commit suicide during interrogation. However, Pakistan People Party (PPP) accused the than Nawaz Sharif Government of attempting to murder Zardari and disputed claims by the authorities that he tried to commit suicide. PPP spokesman said that police tortured Zardari during interrogation Spokesman of PPP dismissed a police statement that Zardari had tried to commit suicide by slashing his neck with broken glass during interrogation and had sustained injuries in his neck and wrists.