RAWALPINDI  - President of Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has said that the coalition government could restore the deposed judges through Parliament and can also impeach the President but the government is not serious in any matter. Talking to newsmen here Saturday, he said that the government, during the last four months, did nothing for the welfare of the people but added to the miseries of the people by bringing sky-rocketing price hike and increase in the prices of electricity and Sui gas.    He said that President Pervez Musharraf and other parties were agreed on 29 points of the Constitutional Package presented by Pakistan People's Party. According to the package, Nawaz League and other politicians, facing trials in the courts, would be allowed to take part in general election after five years. Talking about the recent visit of US Deputy Foreign Secretary Richard Boucher, he said that it had totally changed the political scenario of Pakistan. About the 100 days performance of the government, Sheikh Rashid described it a complete failure, saying that the government has disappointed the masses during the last three and half months. "The capitalists along with their capital are leaving the country", he said. He said that all decisions about the country are taken abroad, adding about 200 members of coalition government were out of the country. The Awami Muslim League President said that his party was ready to cooperate with all political parties, including APDM, in the larger national interest. About the Karachi blasts Sheikh Rashid said that anti-state elements were trying to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the country. He said, "If the government does not take positive steps then the situation would further deteriorate in days to come."