RAWALPINDI - The members of Ex-Servicemen Society have said that President Musharraf had lost mental equilibrium and therefore, he should step down forthwith. This was said by Brig (r) Abdul Salam while addressing a press conference after a society meeting here on Saturday. The meeting was attended by Lt Gen (r) Asad Durrani, Lt Gen (r) Salah-ud-din Tirmizi, Lt Gen (r) Arshad Beg, Brig (r) Taj, Brig (r) Abdul Salam and others. Abdul Salam said that war on terror allies were a threat to country's security. He said Musharraf was unconstitutional president and the society did not accept him as the President. The society denounced the statements recently given by him. The unconstitutional president should have been shown the door far earlier, he underlined. Musharraf had lost his mental balance, therefore, he should immediately resign from his office. Politics is not the prerogative of President Musharraf, he added. He said the ex-servicemen were more patriotic than Musharraf. Abdul Salam announced that the society would not tolerate any external interference inside country's borders and any action on Pakistan soil would be considered an offensive. "We are very much concerned over it that Pakistan is receiving threats from allied forces despite being an ally in war on terror. We are too much concerned over deteriorating situation in FATA and tribal areas. US forces should also stop violations of Pakistan borders," he demanded. He said negotiations were only solution to any problem. Responding to a question, he said the society extended full support to the lawyers' movement for restoration of deposed judges. Coalition partners should launch efforts to get resolve deposed judges' issue, he added. The society was too much disappointed over 100 days performance of the present government, he held. The incumbent government had failed to provide relief to common man, he regretted. "In a recent conference in which Gen (r) President Pervez Musharraf was present, he deliberately did not take notice of a statement that it is possible that Pakistan may not maintain geographical origin," Abdul Salam said. Lt Gen (r) Salah-ud-din said that President Pervez Musharraf had brought a bad name to army by grabbing power. "People ask a question wherever we go that what forces army after two or three years that it topples a democratic government and grabs power," he added. "In fact, Musharraf's days are numbered but in a bid to prolong his rule, sometimes he goes to Karachi and at the other time, he calls the US for help in this connection. To a query about present regime, he said the incumbent government was running without any leader.