JACK Black tried acid and cocaine in high school because he "wanted desperately to be an American badass," the actor tells Blender magazine in their August issue. "There's something so romantic, when you're a kid, about being a criminal," said Black. "You want to belong to the tough-guy club. Running from the cops. Hiding in the bushes. Making schemes and plans to get it over on the Man." The "Kung Fu Panda" actor went on to say that he "had a lot of fun when I did the acid. I was whole for the first time ever, like, the whole universe makes sense. "But then later that night it wasn't funny anymore, the universe no longer made sense, and I was stuck in this prison in my brain for, like, six hours." Though Black thought nothing good came out of trying the drugs, he admits that "maybe the experimentation prevented later abuse, because I did not party nearly as hard as the other kids in high school and college." Now a married father of two, Black says he hasn't "been partying for years. Not that I really want to anyway. A lot of creepy crawlies out there." Black stars in the upcoming "Tropic Thunder" with Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr.