ISLAMABAD - Once again the Health Ministry and Capital Development Authority failed to reach any conclusion over the issue of shifting of Policlinic hospital to the adjoining Argentina Park as the Senate Standing Committee in its meeting on Monday also directed the CDA to settle the issue. Despite passage of almost five years, the plan of expanding the existing building capacity is pending as the Polyclinic administration failed to get approval from the CDA. The Polyclinic administration is struggling desperately hard to cope with the unprecedented growing load of patients in the wake of heavy increase in population. A meeting of sub-committee of the Senate Functional Committee meeting, that took place on Saturday, directed the CDA to propose a new site for reconstruction of the present Federal Government Services Hospital (Polyclinic). However, the CDA officials informed the committee about its reservations. Its officials were of the view that conversion of a public park into a hospital would create many diplomatic and other problems. The meeting also considered another option like demolition of few adjacent government quarters located on the left side of the present premises for expansion of the hospital. The CDA also proposed to the sub-committee to consider a few other sites such as near National Institute of Health and another near G-10, however, in view of their large distance from the present premises, the suggestion was not found feasible. On the other hand, chairman of the sub-committee was of the view that the present location of the hospital is an ideal one as G-6 is the oldest sector of the Federal Capital located right into the heart of the city. He opined that shifting of hospital to any far off place would not serve the purpose. He said that our purpose is to ensure continuous availability of quality medical services to the public, in general, and to the government servants and their families, in particular. 'Our desire is to provide a modern and well-equipped hospital in the vicinity of the present one, he added. The Polyclinic administration is of the view that with every passing day it is becoming difficult for the administration to adjust the increasing number of patients. However, the CDA is continuously showing reluctance to permit them to shift the hospital building temporarily or permanently to the adjoining park. Polyclinic was established in 1966 having capacity of 50 beds and currently it has a capacity of 550 beds whereas the Polyclinic administration is considering to building five-storey building to expand the existing capacity form 550 to at least 1,200 beds.