LAHORE - The brisk monsoon has formally set in with the widespread rain in the provincial metropolis and parts of the country and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir on Saturday morning. The rain lashed the country as the monsoon winds came from two different sources - the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal above 7000 feet, the first of incursion of its kind since the onset of rainy season from June 15. The powerful downpour particularly in the central and northern Punjab inundated vast plains in the urban areas.  In City the rain started around 7:00 am and continued for three and a half hour causing 86 mm rain by 10:15 am. Met office said another spell of heavy rain is likely to hit the country particularly northern Punjab, Kashmir and NWFP within the next 24 hours as strong monsoon currents from Arabian sea is reaching Punjab and Kashmir up to 7,000 feet. Scattered rains are also predicted in Sindh and eastern Balochistan. Well-marked seasonal low also persists in Balochistan producing enough moisture for heavy rain. The yesterday's monsoon low moved northwest and lies over Rajasthan and adjoining area. Both the monsoon currents from Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea will simultaneously hit the country on the pattern of Saturday morning rain in the early hour of Sunday or during the day. The rain though may not cause flash floods as the rivers are flowing below the normal gauge while urban flooding is feared due to swift rain. The Saturday rain also lashed the plain as compared to the catchment area of rivers although rainfall activity is likely to increase in the upper catchments of all the major rivers from Sunday onwards. Meanwhile the met office has predicted above normal rain in north Punjab and Kashmir and below normal rain in Sindh and Balochistan while normal rain in Karachi and adjoining areas.  The City may also receive above normal rain this year. Its normal rainfall in the month of July remains 212 mm, while during the remaining three weeks, Lahore may receive rain up to 400 mm.  In addition to Lahore, Islamabad/Rawalpindi received heavy rain to the extent of 107 mm, Kamra 85, Gujranwala 45 and Sialkot received 39 mm rains.