ISLAMABAD  - The Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) has adopted a strategy of extensive exploratory and development drilling in order to make additions in oil and gas reserves and ensure sustained growth in its oil and gas production, an official of OGDCL said. He said that there would be a focus on replicating international best practices and innovative thinking for meeting growing energy demands of the country. The company has contributed Rs 82.87 billion to the national kitty in the year 2007-08, which was higher than 78.08 billion in the year 2006-07. Besides, OGDCL have taken key steps to improve the working and performance of the OGDCL and the company made ten oil and gas discoveries in year 2006-07. The company has also chalked out extensive programme to make new discoveries and enhance production to promote petroleum exploration in the country. The ongoing and future development projects of OGDCL are UCH-II development project, Qadirput Gas compression project, Qadipur additional Gas capacity enhancement project, Dakhni expansion project, Tando Allayar development, Sinjhoro development project, Sara West development project and Jhal Magsi Poroject After carrying detailed study of UCH Gas Field, it envisaged that OGDCL is in position to commit 200-220 MMcfd for 14 to 16 year to a new power producer. After the completion of the project, the gas sale from Uch Gasfield will be enhanced from 250 MMcfd to 450 MMcfd. In order to maintain 650 MMcfd raw gas plateau, which will start depleting by the end of 2008. Gas compression facilities would be required to maintain the production plateau of 650 MMcfd raw gas up to 2014 and maintain gas supply up to 2017. After carrying in-house reservoir study of Qadirpur Gasfield, it is envisaged that the company is in a position to commit 100 MMcfd gas in addition to its commitment of 450 MMcfd to SNGPL. The delivery of equipment at site is in progress and letter of intent (LOI) has been issued to PCC Contractor. The project is expected to be completed by February 2008. The Tando Allahyar (TAY) filed is located in District Hyderabad, of Sindh Province.07 wells namely TAY wells No. 1,2,3,4 TAY-North Dars-1 West-1 have been drilled in the filed. The Company is installing all the surface facilities adjacent to Kunnar Field including 25 Km trunk line from TAY to Kunnar Field and 30 Km of Gas Transmission line from Kunnar to SSGCL main line at Hyderabad to handle the processing of 28 MMcfd sales gas, 2,500 bbls per day of Oil and 85 M. Tons of LPG per day. After award of contract, the project is expected to be completed within 12 months period. Sinjhoro development project located in Sanghar, Sindh. The project will enhance OGDCL production capacity of 2,940 barrels per day of Oil, 25 MMcfd of gas and 224 M. Tons per day of LPG. Sara West field, located in District Khairpur, Sindh Province, was discovered in 1996. So far one well has been drilled at the field. The field has gas of low hydrocarbon content and can be used for power generation only. The field was previously operated by M/s Tullow Pakistan (Development) Ltd. an Irish Company. The Company has now taken over the field and intends to develop the same for supply of gas to a Power Generation Company. OGDCL plans to drill two more wells and install processing facilities to meet the requirement of Power Generation Company. Jhal Magsi field located in Dera Murad Jamali was discovered in 2003. Two wells have been drilled at the field with second being the dry well. The third well is presently being drilled. The Company made ten oil and gas discoveries at Mela-1, Pasakhi North East-1, Unar-1, Nim west-1, Chak 66 North East-1, Dhachrapur-1, Dakhni Deep-1, Kunnar West-1, Thora Deep-1 and Chandio-1 during the year 2006-07. These discoveries will add considerable amount of oil and gas to Company's reserve base Some of the newly discovered fields including Mela have been put on regular production. Other new finds are also expected to substantially enhance oil and gas projection in the near future.