LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has directed WASA authorities to evolve a comprehensive plan for the quick disposal of rainwater during Monsoon season. During his visit to Davis Road, Empress Road, Railway Station, Do Moriya Pul, Aziz Road, Misri Shah, Chowk Nakhuda, Garhi Shahu and Egerton Road soon after the rain here the other day, the chief minister said it was a fact that no attention was paid during the last eight years to the repair and maintenance of sewerage system and rainwater channels due to which the sewerage system of the City and especially Northern Lahore has badly suffered but the coalition government in Punjab considers itself accountable to the people. He said that basic amenities are the right of every citizen and it is high time that remedial measures be taken to rectify the situation. The CM along with his special assistant Pervez Rasheed reached Do Moriya Pul in heavy rain and found that the area was under several feet of water. Shahbaz stepped down from his car and summoned MD WASA. He asked the people why so much water had accumulated at this place and he was informed that all that was happening due to defective sewerage system. The CM walked on foot from Do Moriya Pul to Misri Shah in knee-deep water and inquired from the residents of the area about the cause of accumulation of rainwater. The people informed him that after he had visited this area many years ago, the situation had improved. Meanwhile, DG LDA, MD WASA, MNA and DMD WASA Bilal Yasin, Khawaja Hassaan and DCO Lahore also arrived at Chowk Nakhuda. The chief minister reprimanded WASA authorities and observed that the situation was a sad commentary of their performance. He said that he had seen water everywhere from Davis Road to Chowk Nakhuda but no WASA official or sucker machines for disposal of rainwater was visible. He said that WASA was being informed for the last three months that there would be heavy rains in July and August but no solid measure had been taken to cope with the situation. The residents of the area complained that when a similar situation arose during the tenure of last government, neither the chief minister nor the district nazim took the trouble to visit this area to solve the problems of the residents. The team especially deputed by Chief Minister's Secretariat informed Shahbaz Sharif that rainwater had also inundated Misri Shah, Shadbagh, Shama, Munshi Bagh Ladha and Chauburji areas and it has been noticed that disposal pumps were out of order in some areas and diesel was also not available for generators. The chief minister sought submission of a detailed report in this regard. During the visit the chief minister also issued instructions for streamlining the flow of traffic.