A lady senator (PPP), who is an expert on oil, had been most critical of OGRA's, and MNC's, role during the previous government (of Musharraf-Shaukat Aziz) for their self serving price mechanism, shoddy profiteering at various ends and the hoax of government taking the hit for subsidy while they are looting consumers. Where is she now? She should be raising her voice on these cruel increases in petroleum products, gas, CNG etc? It would be quite in place to highlight similar irregularities and loot in various other sectors like electricity, water, telephone, education, medicine etc, which are mercilessly taxed through GST, surcharges, direct and indirect taxes. It is a slur on great Pakistani nation to say that only 1% of the nation pays taxes. Hundred percent of our people pay indirect taxes which are often charged in multiple. The GOP abuses this great nation when it makes such stupid statements to cover the rampant corruption of its rulers. The plunder of thousands of billions in stock, estate, cement, sugar, ata, electricity, water, auto, banks, privatization of sensitive national assets is actually plunder of the poor people of Pakistan. What does GOP give us in return? No bijli, no pani, water mixed with sewage, pollution, jammed roads and the highest prices in the world. -ZEENATE NOOURE JEHAN, Karachi, via e-mail, July 1.