Yes, the entire nation is ready. This is my answer to one Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, the Minister for Power, who was mentally preparing us the other day 'for another price hike in fuel and gas'. The nation is ready for the shocks you have in store for us. We are ready for blasts every day, we are ready to see bloodied people writhing helplessly. We are ready to see the dead on our roads. We are ready for anything that might come when we turn on our TV screens. We are not shocked any more. We are fighting the war against terrorism, sacrificing for the sake of freedom of the Americans. Through your columns, I would like to thank the rulers of my country for all this. They are the heroes of the American people. I hope they get awards for this gallantry from USA. -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, via e-mail, July 9.