Puffy hairstyles may be one way of improving one's appearance and looking good. It's no use making fun of the politicians with receding hair. Transplant is a catchphrase for the baldies. Rehman Malik, our Interior czar, knows how to go about it. The complete makeover with a push up puff in front of his head, he believes, will have a magical effect on his overall personality. Now he spends half the time getting his puff to stay and the rest asking the media that the next time he makes a statement it must go with his new picture. ******. Just hours after the President issued petroleum levy ordinance to neutralize the impact of the Supreme Court verdict reducing prices of petroleum products Prime Minister Gilani 'volunteered' to defend the decision saying it had been done on his advice. It came hard on the heels of his earlier statement that the government would accept the verdict after presenting its viewpoint before the judges. Maybe he had some afterthoughts: Rescuing the Presidency from public outrage against indecent haste in issuing the ordinance can be the best opportunity to demonstrate his loyalty to the Man on the Hill. *******. God knows when was the last time Punjab Assembly Speaker Rana Iqbal read Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilisation. But it must be fresh in his memory when he had a look at a painting at an exhibition at Alhamra Gallery, depicting different civilizations living in harmony. "No it can't be like this," he told the amateur female painter. Next it was a picture with the 'Sun and Moon' painted together. Came the expert opinion: "It's unrealistic". It must reduce Mian Shahbaz Sharif's worries. Making the scion of Phoolnagar his culture minister and assigning speakership to someone else will solve the issue of putting the otherwise unruly House in order. That's called killing two birds with one stone. ****. There is reason for the Punjab Assembly's female treasury members to be wary of a thief among themselves. The story goes that they all got together on Sunday and decided to request Mr Speaker to allot a separate seat to Shumaila Anjum Rana who has been accused of stealing the credit cards of a young lady from a gym at Gulberg and going on a shopping spree. Good she has the backing of all the cops trying to hush up the case. Bad there's a CCTV footage that pictured her buying jewellery on the stolen credit cards.