The power in this country ultimately emanates from and ends at the President House, be it trivial matter of the NAB letter, the issue of fake degrees, Sindh resolution on Indus waters, US drone attacks, rental power units, PIA or the plunder of PSML. President rules the roost as if heir to royal dynasty, like a true Mogul king that also happens to be a cavalier playboy-cum-businessman-cum-constitutional President, even if against all norms of the constitution. All honky-dory except that the PPP has a most dangerous serpent in its bosom called the MQM. It has the capability to exploit its position remarkably well in any coalition to make or break it. The rest of PPPs minions, and the so-called 'friendly opposition, are nothing thoughall worth throwing in dustbin. If this ignoble ruling cartel could bring itself to bow down to the exalted judiciary or tame the conscience of media, it could keep on throwing dust of lies in the eyes of people of Pakistan for as long as it wants to. -YUSUF KHAN, Tronto, July 11