ISLAMABAD The announcement made by the owner of Blackwater to 'sell the notorious enterprise has not moved hundreds of its mercenaries present in Islamabad. Blackwaters owner Eric Prince announced last month that Blackwater was out for sale. Soon after the announcement, Islamabad-based security sources informed TheNation that the suspicious 'aliens dispersed across the Federal Capital would be pulling out from Pakistan in the next two to three weeks. The security officials had then confided that Blackwaters mercenaries present in the South Asian and Middle Eastern region, particularly Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, would be winding up in a jiffy in the wake of mega reshuffle in the top management of Blackwater initiated by Eric Prince earlier this year. However, the prevailing scenario speaks otherwise. On May 14 and May 26 last, the exact postal addresses of 33 houses in posh residential localities of the Federal Capital - that were confirmedly hired by US Marines and Blackwater personnel - were first published in this newspaper. Further information indicates that out of those 33 houses - that were either hired by US Marines in the garb of humanitarian workers of US Office of Defence Representatives to Pakistan (ODR-P) or by Blackwater mercenaries - five residences cum offices have been relocated to alternative venues and highest possible security measures are being adopted for their protection so that no one can track them. They were previously located in the sectors F-7/3, F-8/3 and F-6/2 of the Federal Capital but now they have been moved to E-7 and G-6/4. There are also reports that almost 70 such highly suspicious residences might be relocated to Diplomatic Enclave in the coming days. Moreover 43 NGOs are facilitating the arrival of the US 'humanitarian workers in Pakistan but only two of them are registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare, which suggests that rest of them all are fake. Some Islamabad-based European diplomats think that offshore companies of Blackwater working in construction, intelligence and aviation fields would be sold while its security contractors would keep operating as usual. According to diplomats, two subsidiaries of Backwater - Total Intelligence Solutions and Greystone Limited - that are working in intelligence sharing and construction sectors respectively would possibly be out for sale. Given the lucrative contracts that Blackwater has been awarded by the US Government over the years, the reports about Blakwaters sale sound nothing less than skin saving propaganda. Jeremy Scahill reports that a Blackwater subsidiary XPG holds a classified contract to provide security at seven US Special Forces sites along the Pak-Afghan border and for that US is paying $17,000 a day to Blackwater.