KARACHI After a wait of 58 years, two members of Great Britains 1952 Olympic bronze medal winning hockey team are to be given the medals, which they never received, by Chairman of the British Olympic Association (BOA) Lord Moynihan at a ceremony in Nottingham this Wednesday. According to information received here on Monday, Sir Derek Day and Neil Nugent were teammates in the Great Britain mens team that beat Pakistan 2-1 in the bronze medal playoff at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki. However, they did not receive the medals after demonstrating the true team spirit. Sir Derek Day is now 82 and Neil Nugent 83. Speaking ahead of the ceremony, President of Great Britain Hockey Richard Leman said: Everyone involved with Great Britain Hockey is delighted that we have been able to assist the players of the 1952 team and help correct the oversight of the time. The individuals have been very magnanimous about the whole situation and it was interesting to note that it was their colleagues who made the initial enquiry to see if the record could be put straight. With the medals being presented some 58 years after the event, we wonder what the longest time is between winning a medal and being presented with it. The issue was brought to light during a conversation between Tony Nunn, another member of the 1952 team, and Leman, himself an Olympic gold medal winner from 1988. Promising to investigate, Leman sought out the advice of Jan Paterson of the BOA who is an expert on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and its workings. After thorough investigative work taking several months, it was determined that the rules in place in 1952 were similar to those in place today whereby any athlete taking part in the preliminary round of competition, within a team event, qualifies for a medal. Now, just over a year after the enquiry to the IOC, the two men will be presented with specially commissioned replicas of the 1952 bronze medal. The presentation ceremony will be taken place on the pitch during half time (14:05 BST) in Great Britain mens match against Germany at Highfields Sports Club on Wednesday afternoon.