KARACHI - The lives of fishermen living on islands in open sea at Keti Bandr are all time under threat, as no such provision of immediate communication with them has been established at government level. During an exposure visit of area arranged by Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF), working for the rights of fishermen community in the country, it was observed that thousands of people living in absolute poverty are also deprived of basic facilities of drinking water, health and education. A team of journalists based in Karachi went about three km from Keti Bandr to sea on boards and observed the problems of fishermen living there. The fishermens village located at 'Tipan island of Hajamro creek, surrounded with seawater, is consisted of 50 houses. During conversation with the fishermen, it was observed that all the villages could be easy victim of storm in sea; even low scale cyclone could wash away all the belongings within a minute. An aged-woman Haju Dablo sitting at her wooden home on island, narrating her miseries said the stoppage of fresh water flow into sea affected fishermens economic conditions as catch of fish has been decreased to large level. She said the pouring of seawater in homes has routine as some times the sea tides are high and sea water pour in their home, so they go and sit on boats till the tides become low. 'Our lives are under threat all times, but we have no other option to stay here for fishing in sea, she said and added the government should do something for betterment of fishermen. Ladho Dablo, who goes for fishing into sea, said that there were more islands in area in sea, increasing level of sea vanished all the islands including diminishing the earning source, fish, due to depleting of mangroves in sea. 'We are citizens of this country and want to become prosper lives, but one can tell us to go where for this purpose, he said, urging the government to provide them drinking water and other basic facilities, besides infrastructure to evacuate them during any emergency like cyclone. Hussain Jarwar, Programme Manager of PFF, told The Nation that besides a permanent programme of creating awareness among the fishermen for their rights, the PFF was working on different projects to bring economic changes in the lives of fishermen. However, a project aimed to provide help to the vulnerable families of fishermen, who suffered a lot during recent cyclone phet in Keti bandr. The PFF also working on disaster management plans closely with Sindh government and international agencies, he said. Despite establishing Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) to rescue peoples during natural disaster like drought, cyclone and earthquake, any practical planning or projects are missing at government level to evacuate the people living in costal area during emergency situation, said Ghulab Shah PFF President for Thatta district. At least 3,000 fishermen living on islands in open sea at Keti bandr, but their lives are under constant threat of cyclone, he said. During recent arrival of cyclone phet, no government functionary and or elected representatives did not care to visit area to inform the fishermen to leave their home temporarily, he said, adding, no sufficient arrangements made by Government to provide drinking water and food items at camps where fishermen stayed for a few days. He pointed out that whole area of Keti Bandr which come under sea, was fertile land, while red rice and other food crops produces, but stopping of fresh water flow below down stream Korti barrage bringing majority area of agriculture land of the district into saline land, resulting in increase in unemployment and starvation. Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Director operation Khair Muhmmad Kalwar, who was part of delegation in exposure visit, told The Nation that disaster management was on list of present as Rs100 million has been allocated the PDMA for the first time during its establishment in 2008. Besides establishing PDMA units to respond natural disasters in five districts of the province, the launching of a separate unit was also on card to monitor and respond the cyclone situation in coastal area of Badin and Thatta districts.