Since the 2008 general elections, Pakistan is 'technically a democratic country. But certain instances have shown since that what seems like democracy is nothing but a fraud and a lie. Democracy in Pakistan does not correspond to any definition of the term in dictionaries. Our politicians have proved time and again that they are a corrupt and careless lot. In unruly and unethical behaviour, they would win a medal in any competition. They have also shown themselves to be very inept in handling power should they acquire it. When elected by the people, they behave as if they have inherited the country as a heirloom. The recent Punjab Assembly resolution against the media is a depressing portent of things to come. Democracy, it seems, has had its chance in Pakistan and it would not be long before the sun is set on it. The politicians have shown what they are worth and if things continued the same way, I am quite sure that the people of Pakistan would have had enough of them. -M. S. IBRAHEEM, Lahore, July 10.