LAHORE - The journalists here on Monday took out a rally from the Lahore Press Club to the Punjab Assembly building against the anti-media resolution adopted by the PA House on Friday last. A large number of journalists met at the Press Club to work out a strategy before marching through the Edgerton Road in protest over the resolution passed by the MPAs against the media. The protesting journalists were carrying placards displaying their resentment against the resolution. Earlier, LPC President, PUJ President, Punjab Assembly Press Gallery President and others while speaking at the Press Club vowed to continue their protest until the withdrawal of the resolution. They also announced that the Assembly proceeding would be boycotted unless the demand was met. Some speakers were of the view that the resolution should remain a part of the Assembly proceeding so that it could serve as evidence to the present Assemblys anti-media policies meant to suppress the freedom of the Press. The speakers were highly critical of the attitude shown by every political party which took part in the passage of the resolution. They said that the PA by gagging media was trying to curb the voice of people at a time when financial woes, law and order situation, and other problems were hallmark of the present time.