ISLAMABAD (APP) - Journalists on Monday staged a protest rally in front of the National Press Club to against the anti-media resolution passed by the Punjab Assembly last week. The protest staged on the call of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) was attended by a large number of media persons from various media organisations, political leaders, lawyers and members from civil society. Speaking on the occasion the journalist community leaders condemned the resolution and said that sacrifices rendered by the journalists for the cause of democracy were known to all. Media persons faced problems but opposed the dictators, they added.PFUJ President Pervaiz Shaukat said that they would continue struggle against all kinds of dictators and work for democracy and never bow down to the rulers. He said that the resolution passed by the Punjab Assembly was a calculated move to undermine the role of media. He said it was an attempt by the provincial government to divert public attention from their failure to cope with the recent terrorist attacks in the province. The media will continue to play its constructive role whatever may be the consequences. We will resist all overt or covert efforts to suppress media, reflecting public sentiments, he added. Afzal Butt, President National Press Club, speaking on the occasion opined that such steps were reminiscent of dictatorial regimes but would not be tolerated now as the times have changed. He said that we have to change the mindset of those people who want dictatorship and our protest is against this mind set Minister of State for Industries and Production Ayatullah Durrani said that the PPP believes in freedom of expression and cannot even think about imposing curbs on the fourth pillar of the state. Durrani said that history testifies the fact that the Peoples Party has always stood by the media and participated in struggle for freedom of press during dictatorial regime. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Javed Hashmi said that political immaturity was the reason behind passage of anti-media resolution in the Punjab Assembly. He said that journalist community has played crucial role in restoration of democracy in the country. He said that there cannot be concept of democracy without independent judiciary and free media. PPP leader Syed Israr Shah said that free media was prerequisite for democracy and anybody planning to gag media cannot call themselves as democrats. PPP Shepao leader Anisazeb Tahirkhaili said that it was strange that those parties were now expressing solidarity with the media whose representatives in the Punjab Assembly passed the resolution. President of Islamabad District Bar Association Syed Wajid Gillani said that the legal fraternity would stand by journalists at every forum and conspiracies being hatched against independence of the media would be foiled. He said the country was on the way of democracy due to the medias constructive criticism and elected representatives should also pay regards to the media contribution in the struggle. The media got independence after many sacrifices and it was performing sacred duties to enlighten the nation about its rights and duties. He said the legal fraternity would resist curbs on media at any level.