LAHORE - The additional sessions and civil judges in the provincial capital Monday went on a 15-day strike to register protest against the violent 'attack by a large number of lawyers at the court of District and Sessions Judge (D&SJ) Zawar Ahmed Sheikh to stop him performing his duties. It is learnt that the judges have submitted their leave applications in connection with the strike announced to show solidarity with Zawar who was held practically hostage by the lawyers in his chamber and later sent home amid severe threats. The judges say they are receiving threats from the Lahore Bar Association (LBA) and could not perform their professional duties. The entire session courts remained a virtual battlefield during the lawyers 'planned action against the sessions judge whom they dislike for his uncompromising nature. Police were called in restore order and order at the premises, as the subordinate courts were closed following the protest. The lawyers turned violent when the D&SJ arrived at the courts, ignoring a warning given Friday last that he should not come to the court, otherwise, he would not be allowed to work. All the judges faced a hard time when the lawyers drove out Zawar form his chamber along with other many civil judges who were there to show solidarity with him. Earlier, the lawyers cordoned off the chamber and pelted stones on the judges cars. They tried to lock the courts to show their hatred against the sessions judge but the timely arrival of police and the personnel of security agencies foiled their bid. Later, as the judges were departing from the premises, the lawyers continued stoning their vehicles as they chanted slogans against them. The police remained a silent spectator against the lawyers as they cordoned off the D&SJs chamber but came to action when lawyers started locking the chambers. In another development, Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) passed a resolution in support of the LBA and joined their hands to demand Zawars transfer. On the other hand, Zawar along with other judges called on Justice Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhry, a senior judge of LHC, and brought the matter to his notice, who assured them that the D&SJ would not be transferred under any pressure. Lawyers criticised the D&SJs conduct, saying, He is a stubborn judge and his appointment in Lahore is a conspiracy against the lawyers community. Earlier, the lawyers held a rally from Aiwan-e-Adl to the Sessions Courts in a violent mood to protest against what they called 'obnoxious behaviour of the D&SJ with lawyers community. Tension between the LBA and the judges had intensified on Friday, after the bar passed a resolution demanding the transfer of the sessions judge. LBA President Sajid Bashir and the lawyers belonging to his group have been demanding the transfer but the no action over the demand triggered the use of force. The court sources say Zawar is a thorough honest judge, which is the reason behind the LBAs office bearers disliking. Therefore, they want him to be transferred. The sources said the sessions judge did not bow before the lawyers pressure, frustrating the lawyers and making to devise a 'plan to achieve the goal. It is said that the lawyers were perturbed by Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khawaja Sharifs silence over the matter. He did not take any action despite the repeated demands lawyers as he is of the view that Zawar Ahmed is an honest and bold person who never fell prey to any pressure. The lawyers say Zawar by calling other judges to his chamber had tried to aggravate the situation and attempted to form a 'union against them.