KARACHI The PML-N Sindh while nominating office-bearers in the interior of Sindh for the party reorganisation in the province has preferred turncoats and weathercocks after sidelining the loyalists, who had stood solidly behind the party when it was in dire striates in Oct 1999. The loyalists and the time-tested workers of PML-N, who had stood solidly behind the party in its most difficult days held demonstrations through out the province the other day in protest against the decision of the provincial leadership, who had been given the authority to nominate office-bearers of the organising committees in defunct Hyderabad and Sukkur divisions. Triumvirate of Salim Zia, Makhdoom Shahnawaz and Mamnoon Hussain have been given the authority to nominate organising committees at divisional district levels in interior Sindh. When on 12, 1999, the PML-N government which held two/third majority in the country was ousted by military dictator, only the loyalists remained steadfast and even during the darkest days had come out on streets in support of the party and its leader Mian Nawaz Sharif. Now the same loyalists are being ignored by those who had the authority to re-organise party base at division and district levels. In their places the turncoats and weathercocks, who had shown their backs when the party are being awarded for their cowardice. The PML-N which was routed in the previous two general elections in Sindh needed staunch loyalists to revive the party in the province but now it seems that the party face the same fate that it has met previously if the turncoats were nominated in the re-organisation process. Recently, protest demonstrations were held in Hyderabad and other divisional headquarters of the province. Rafique Lodhi, former Secretary General Hyderabad, Babu Abdul Majeed Abbasi, former member Sindh Council, Ms Asifa Riaz, a women wing leader and Malik Tanveer, once again showed their solidarity with the party and led the demonstration in Hyderabad. Re-organising of PML-N at grass-roots level in Sindh has already been dealt a blow by the trio which had failed to pick suitable and loyal candidates at divisional and district level. The PML-N leadership would have to review its policy in the interior if it wants to lay down a strong base at lower level in the province.