ISLAMABAD Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) will not join any move to rescue fake degree holders, rather it will oppose it strongly. Senior PML(N) leaders on condition of anonymity informed that Pakistan Peoples Party leadership had approached them on the issue so that a legislation in this connection would be done to provide cover to all such elements in the Parliament and Provincial Assemblies but PML(N) leadership in the Parliament came up with firm 'no to the proposal. The sources in the party informed TheNation that Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Ch Nisar Ali Khan had made it loud and clear that they would not become a part of any rescue move of the Government and if any piece of legislation in this connection would be tabled in the National Assembly, they would resist it tooth and nail. The sources in the PML(N) informed that initially there was split in the party on the issue of fake degrees, as a sizeable number of MPs were of the view that instead of taking extreme line on the issue, the party should adopt some middle course but party Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif had taken unflinching stand on the issue and said that he could not tolerate anyone found involved in forgery and all those who had submitted fake degrees with Election Commission of Pakistan should step down. It was in the light of the direction from party Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif that Leader of Opposition Ch Nisar, who himself had strongly supported Quaids point of view, had taken hard line on the issue. The sources in PPP informed that party leadership was perturbed over the current state of affairs and it was busy assessing the actual position in case of shunting out of all the fake degree holders from the Parliament. These sources informed that according to the statistics gathered by the PPP-led coalition Government in this connection, all the fake degree holders collectively would not exceed the one-fourths of the total strength of the Parliament and there would be no threat of mid-term polls as PML(N) leadership had assured the Government that they not support any move of mid-term polls. Pakistan Muslim League (Qauid) leadership had also opposed the mid-term polls so there was no fear to the Government now even if the fake degree holders would be shown the door en masse. The sources in Pakistan Peoples Party informed that now PPP leadership was working on a plan to get the whole exercise of identification of fake degrees slow down so that in the same course the by-polls would be held side-by-side on the seats got vacated by these fake degree holders. Commenting on the current state of affairs, a PML(N) leader said that they would not support the persons who had made forgery and this policy of the party was widely appreciated by the masses, as the by-elections held on the seats fallen vacant so far by the PML(N) members having fake degrees were again won by their candidates.