LAHORE In a unique consensus, leaders of all the major political parties plan to recover all the funds paid in the form of salaries and other perks from Parliamentarians, disqualified in the wake of holding bogus degrees. Veteran and senior leaders of PML-N, PML-Q and PPP talking to TheNation on Monday were unanimous on the issue of recovering the money from the former Parliamentarians, which they enjoyed during their period in National Assembly or Provincial Assemblies by duping their respective political parties and the electorate. Javed Hashmi, senior leader of PML-N, commenting on this issue remarked: 'Money should be recovered from all the disqualified Parliamentarians as such people amidst the folds of mainstream political forces, not only deceived their parties but betrayed the entire nation as well. He also demanded severe punishments under the law of the land for the stated persons who benefitted from the public funds under the garb of politicians and brought bad name to the upright people among the ranks of the political parties. He said he would take up this issue at the party platform. According to Javed Hashmi, politics is a public service and not business, and all the politicians should be ready to face accountability at anytime, as politicians speak to the masses from a high pedestal and they should maintain a 'clean slate. Ch. Zaheer-ud-Din, a veteran PML-Q stalwart and Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly while commenting on the fraudulent act of fake degree holders pleaded for 'recovery of money and punishment for the Parliamentarians, disqualified on account of holding bogus degrees. He proposed that such elements should be barred from taking part in the elections. Ch Zaheer remarked: The salaries and other perks and privileges, the disqualified Parliamentarians received during their period in legislative assemblies, came from the public kitty, contributed by the masses through various taxes. He observed that enjoying public money by deceiving was a serious crime across the world and all those found involved in fraudulent activities must be brought to book, while the public money should be recovered from them so that it could be utilised for the welfare of the masses. Rana Aftab, a seasoned PPP leader also proposed recovery of money and punishment for the disqualified bogus degree holders from amongst the Parliamentarians. He proposed: 'Not only the money should be recovered from such fake degree holders but criminal cases should also registered against them. PPP leader commented that Parliamentarians returned to National and Provincial Assemblies were expected to do the job of legislation, and how could they do the job for public good when their own testimonials were fake?. Rana Aftab remarked that a person who deceived his party and electorate could not be sincere even to the nation.