LAHORE In a surprise move on Monday, the ruling coalition in the Punjab Assembly, blocked PML-Qs pro-media resolution with 'consensus just a day after PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif had 'suggested from London to expel Sana Ullah Khan Mastikhel, the willing-mover behind tabling of the slanderous resolution, which triggered countrywide condemnations and protests from media and all tiers of the society. Secondly, Mastikhel was given heros welcome when he stepped onto the floor of the House to attend the media-boycotted proceedings, while the members thumped desks and chanted full-throat oft-repeated slogans 'Qadam barhao Mastikhel, hum tumharay saath hain (move ahead Mastikhel, we are with you). Considering the fact that the top leading faces of all major and minor political parties had spent hours on electronic media condemning the resolution and delivering long Press releases and despite Nawaz Sharifs assertion in this regard, Mondays session proved that the PML-N led government seemed to be least bothered by the angry journalists and intended to continue with its anti-media belligerence. This also negated the news reports that the government had planned to bring another resolution regarding the media, which would be in contradiction to existing rules of procedure of the Assembly, since two resolutions on the same subject could not be adopted by the Assembly in one session. On the other hand, as per sources neither the government is interested in bringing another resolution nor withdrawing its previous one (adopted on Friday last) for which the rules need to be amended, which is not a huge task since the Assembly has done so on numerous occasions. It was the PML-N top leadership, which was thoroughly involved in the writing and vetting of the resolution, whereas the Opposition has silent acceptance of this including a few beyond-control vocal members, like Seemal Kamran, who spoke twice against the media, confided a PML-N MPA, asserting that the U-turns taken by other parties had a lost cause too. He was of the opinion that playing formation-of-committee gimmicks, as it was a favourite game plan with the N-League in face of any crisis, would yield no results for satisfying the agitated journalist community. I believe that the 'N leadership is not visualising the intensity of the matter, and its take-it-easy attitude can damage it, as it had done in 1998 when the party had come down hard upon a newspaper group, he observed. Earlier, elected representatives of various media organisations and senior journalists held a meeting at the Lahore Press Club, where it was decided that unless the resolution was withdrawn and venomous speeches were expunged from the proceedings of the Assembly, protest would continue. Secondly, it was also finalised that the media would boycott the Assembly proceedings till the demands were not met. Later, the mediamen moved to the Assembly premises and held a protest. After staging a sit-in and making a decision that on Tuesday (today) at 11am, another protest would be launched, the journalists vacated the place.