This is about the recent resolution against media by the Punjab Assembly of which I take a different view from the one being expressed on channels. We all must realize that we are living under an unskilled democratic dispensation grown out of autocratic rule which had prevailed for most parts of the sixty-three years of this countrys life. While the politicians have been accused by everyone including the media of corruption and other ills and are asked to take some very scathing criticism gladly, why isnt the media prepared to do the same for its part? A democratically passed resolution, ordinarily, should have been absorbed with out the intense backlash. Bottom line, we are not talking of angels here. Even in the more democratic societies, the angels that we are trying to find do not exist. The difference is that we have adopted the system, and half-heartedly at that, only now and are still grappling with it. They have reached at the level they are today after going through decades of political and social transformation. Whatever is happening here is part of a process which, though painful, has to be undergone if we are to become a more democratic nation. This is how our society, media and politicians would attain maturity. Remember, Rome was not built in a day -MOHAMMED ALI JAWAID, Karachi, July 12.