Why is the forcing Iran to stop work on its nuclear program when we all agree that it is the right of every country to strengthen its security and protect its geographical integrity? Iran knows why the US had no restraint in invading Iraq and why it is afraid to attack North Korea. One did not have any nuclear weapons and the other not only has one but is also not shy of showing it off. And why did the US invade Afghanistan? Did it expect a people as primitive as Afghans with weapons as primitive as they had to attack a superpower? The US keeps a count of the number of American and allied troops killed in Afghanistan. But nobody is counting the men, women and children being killed every day in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Is an innocent Afghan child a threat to US security or is it an innocent Pakistani child that threatens the US security? Is a pregnant Afghan woman standing in the way of global ambitions of America? The US troops are getting killed because they are an occupying force in a foreign country that does not want them. They went in knowing the risks. But the Afghans being killed in drone attacks and by the bombs in ever increasing numbers dont even know why they are being killed? The US calls itself the most civilized country of world but the facts are quite contrary to that claim. The United States of America is actually the most uncivilized and callous of all countries. -DR. TABASSUM NOORANI, Kamonke, July 12.