This is with reference to the recent terrorist attacks on Data Darbar and the Mohmand Agency. Heavy civilian causalities took place in both of these suicide attacks. Taliban denied involvement in the Data Darbar incident saying they do not attack public places. But they accepted responsibility for the suicide attack outside the Political Agents office which is also a public place. The common people affected here included women and children. That clearly exposes the Taliban for the lying louts they are. I am shocked, though, at the general reaction; the public simply refuses to recognise that we have a terrorist problem for the last 25 years. In the initial years, this group of religious terrorists used to target only one sect by putting their places of worship to fire. Now everybody is their target and we all must realise that. When the previous government had tried to confront these terrorists in a bid to save one particular sect from their wrath, these terrorists had started suicide bombings. Now they are using this method in hits against allthe Armed Forces, security agencies and police. The government is serious about stopping these terrorists but somehow the nation is not because it still believes in conspiracy theories. With out a consensus, focusing upon the actual terrorists is just not possible. The fact of the matter is that there is a 100% similarity in the explosives used, suicide-belts recovered and the deadly add-on materials used in all the suicide bombings so far whether they were done against a particular sect or place. Whether you examine the attack on Data Darbar or Ahmedi mosques, on offices of security agencies or on Benazirs convoy, all pieces of the jigsaw have the same colour and material. Clearly, we are being hit by hardcore Islamists whose every act is similar to the one before. I appeal to the nation to be united in facing these terrorists as was done by the people of Swat who helped the Pakistan Army annihilate these brutal killers from their land. -DR. FAREEHA KHANUM, Mardan, July 10.