The main accused in a mega Hajj Scam in 2010-2011, Ahmed Faiz has finally been arrested in Saudi Arabia, after four years. A man employed by the government at such a sensitive religious post, was able to delay his arrest for four years! What kind of mafia is operating in Pakistan that gives protection to criminals and never brings them to justice?

The inordinate delay in arresting a government appointed person, as Director Hajj based in Saudi Arabia, accused of most heinous of crimes, unbecoming to a Muslim, who instead of facilitating pilgrims subjected thousands to undergo hardships, exposes the power of our corruption mafia in this country. Had it not been for persistence of the Supreme Court Mr Ahmed Faiz may most likely have got away with his crime. He managed to evade arrest for four years, prosecution and accountability, because of lack of will of this corrupt government. Our ruling elite and bureaucracy considers this kind of behavior a talent, instead of a criminal act! It is this deliberate patronization of corruption, which has made Pakistan a haven for criminals, a country where criminals violate law as long as they can grease the palms of those, who are there to establish writ of laws and constitution. There is a Constitution and law in this land, but as long as there is no implementation, and criminals and those who violate laws are not prosecuted and made accountable, crime and terrorism will flourish.


Peshawar, July 10.