KHYBER AGENCY - Three vehicles of the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) were set on fire by unknown persons in late hours on Friday night here in the Shagai area of tehsil Jamrud, subdivision of Khyber Agency, official sources said.

The officials of Jamrud political administration confirmed the incident and said unknown armed persons approached the parking lot of FWO and set three vehicles on fire. As a result, two automobiles were destroyed totally while the third one was damaged partially. The criminals escaped after committing the crime, sources said. Immediately after the incident, the administration and FWO officials rushed to the spot and collected evidences for investigation, they said.

It is to be mentioned here that FWO has been granted tender for construction of Pak-Afghan Road in Khyber Agency from Peshawar to Torkham.

Separately, last day two different groups of militants threw warning pamphlets in the Jamrud area, asking the locals to give up government services and jobs. According to local sources, a militant group, known as Jaish-e-Khurasan, urged the people to quit government jobs before Eid or be ready for severe consequences. The people were also warned not to discuss the militants or their activities in a negative tone.

Similarly, another splinter group of militants, ‘Ababil’ has also thrown pamphlets asking the people to restrict their women to houses, observe fast and offer Taraveeh, warning if anybody violated this order, he would be publicly punished.

Local tribesmen comment that no positive results could be produced to create a peaceful atmosphere a month ago when the security forces carried out a search operation to trace suspected militants in all parts of Jamrud.