June 2, 2014 will and should be remembered in our history for bravery because an ordinary person performed a heroic deed above and beyond the call of duty. Nasrulah Shajee, a Principle of a private school took his students on an educational trip, where he had been taking them every year. On June 2, he took the students to river Kunhar, where the students and the teacher were enjoying when suddenly a student, Hafiz Sufiyan Asim slipped from the rock and lost his balance, Nasrulah Shajee jumped into the river without any delay to save the student. His head struck a rock, but he continued swimming to save Sufiyan, after a while, both vanished under water.

Nasrulah Shajee marked a memorable chapter of bravery in the history. He has shown what true care and love are! The media neglected the news, except few channels and newspapers; most of them didn’t give any report about him, about his bravery and courage; not even a short documentary on his life and his bravery! Why are we such misers when it comes to appreciating someone’s good acts and so brash and quick to spread hate and slander? Do we not need to see heroes on our TV screens or are we doomed to see corrupt politicians, hiding and excusing themselves for their crimes every day?


Karachi, July 9.