Sukkur-The opposition leader, Syed Kursheed Shah has urged the government and Imran Khan not to politicize the August 14-like national day.

Talking to media at his residence in Sukkur, he said, “We will not become a part of any protest, we have already mentioned this thing and if we are invited at any function by the government on the day then we will think about it.”

He said, “We took a political decision and brought down the dictator (Musharraf) from power. The decision was democratic and all our decisions will be democratic.”

He further said that if PML-N had registered a case against Pervez Musharraf under Article 6 from October 12, 1999 then it would not see such days.

Talking about aggression of Israel, he said that PPP condemns the bombardment of Israel in Ghaza and requested the government to denounce it and raise the issue in the United Nations.