“I would love to have Paul the octopus to help me, but he already died, poor thing. So I cannot predict anything for this Final.”


Colombian musical mega-star


“I will support Germany, firstly because I have really good friends there. Secondly, my kids really like the [Germany] team, because we spent a long time there. I think it will be a good game, with lots of important plays. But Germany will win. My prediction is 3-1 Germany.”


Former Brazil captain

"Just hope the final is going to be a reflection of this already fantastic and entertaining tournament may the best team on the night win!!!"

Tim Krul

Netherlands goalkeeper

“I think Germany are going to win. I'd like to see Argentina win because I live in America, but it's not going to happen. It's not impossible, but it's not probable. It's not impossible because I love Messi. However, my German brothers – because we're all family – have an extra element of clarity and concentration. For example, musicians, when they play really fast, you have to think slower, but when you play slower, you have to think really fast. They understand this. Also, the way they breathe is not controlled by terror, it's not fear, it's not paralysing or stiff. Like when a woman has a baby, they change their breathing and relax. At an event like the World Cup, you have to learn to breathe correctly or else you get tired really quickly. I think my German brothers understand this. When I saw what they did to Brazil, [I saw that] they were a team and they are not depending on one superstar to win. They are a collective. It's very difficult to beat a team with superstars – the team will always win.”

Carlos Santana

Mexican-American musician

“Fancied Argentina before the tournament started but have got to go for Germany. Best prepared team at the tournament. Momentum of 7-1 win over Brazil carries them through. It'll be tight, but umping for 2-0 Germany.”

Joey Barton

Former Manchester City & England midfielder

“Although my manager is a big Argentina fan, I think all 11 players from Germany will play as one. To me that’s the most important part as a football fan.”


Haitian, three-time Grammy-winning musician

“We all ‘know’ that Germany should win. They have played disciplined, strong, aggressive and decisive football. I wish them the very best. But having said this, I would love to see Messi and Argentina beat the odds and take home the Trophy from the Maracana in Rio. My best to all.”

Gary Player

South African, one of the greatest golfers in history

“Germany will win 3-1. Midfield power and Muller will be the difference. Messi to score though.”

Michael Vaughan

Former England cricket captain

“I think Germany will win. But would love to see Messi lift that Trophy. If he gets an inch, it’s probably Argentina’s.”

Shane Filan

Irish singer, formerly of boy band Westlife, who sold over 45 million records worldwide

“I see a tight game, because both teams have found their balance between attack and defence. I see a set-piece making the difference in Germany's favour.”

Mikael Silvestre

Former France defender

“My original pick to win it all was Argentina, but Germany has been the more impressive team by far. Argentina seemed to get it together defensively in the semis and I see that as a good sign. Picking with my heart and going with the South American squad. Messi secures himself as an Argentine soccer God alongside Maradona.”

Kenny Florian

American, former soccer player and three-time UFC title challenger

"It’s a wonderful finale, really amazing if you look at how both have attacking squads. I like the duel between Messi and Muller. I see a German victory.”

Benjamin Fall

France international rugby union winger

"I was very lucky to meet Lionel Messi at the Ballon D'or in 2013. He was so lovely and it would be amazing for him to win with Argentina, however my allegiance has to lie with Germany. I have had so much support in Germany and Jogi Low came to my gigs and told me that before matches, the German team listen to my music. This means I'm hoping for a German victory and I predict the score will be 3-1 to Germany.”

Amy Macdonald

Scottish signer

"I see Germany winning, but I really would like Argentina to do it, just for Messi.”

Sidney Govou

Former France forward

“Germany dominated the match from beginning to end against Brazil. I don't think Argentina will allow that. I expect a tough match.”

Kalusha Bwalya

Zambian legend & former African Footballer of the Year

"Germany are the favourites if with look at their game, but they have to be wary of Messi, who can change a match om his own.”

Julien Benneteau

French tennis player

"At the beginning of the tournament, I thought that it might be a Germany-Argentina Final and that Argentina would win. For his career it would be great for Messi to win it to emulate what Maradona did in 1986. But any team that wins a penalty shootout usually loses the next game, so you'd have to fancy Germany. So if you look at the stats and follow your head, it's Germany. If I stick with my original prediction it would be Argentina."

Roberto Martinez

Everton’s Spanish manager