LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami Amir Sirajul Haq on Saturday denounced the barbarism and brutality of Israel in Gaza and said the bloodletting of Palestinians had set new record of hypocrisy of the US, the UN and Europe.

Addressing the central executive of JI at Mansoora, he urged the Muslim rulers to forge unity in their ranks and raise voice for Palestine. He said Israel was following the footsteps of the US by targeting helpless Palestinians because of the Muslim Ummah’s weakness.

He expressed his wonder why Israel was not declared a terrorist state because of its repeated attacks on the Palestinians. The JI chief said hundreds of thousands of people were rendered homeless due to the military operation in North Waziristan and were facing great hardships because of the inadequate relief arrangements. He said it was the government’s responsibility to create an atmosphere in which the brave and valiant tribal people could return to their homes with respect and dignity. He added the operation for an indefinite time would create more problems.

Sirajul Haq said the civil authorities should replace the British era rules for the tribal areas with new administrative and social structure besides reforming the police and judicial system.

The JI chief said the country was facing many crises and if the present structure was removed, it would be too difficult to evolve a new one.

He said the JI was in favour of comprehensive electoral reforms mainly because elections at present had turned into a lucrative business and the common man could not even dream of returning to the assemblies. He further said it was essential to revise the delimitation of constituencies besides imposing a ceiling on the spending in the elections so that the common man could also contest elections.

Meanwhile, JI General Secretary Liaquat Baloch has said that the problems of the Muslim Ummah had increased during the holy month of Ramazan due to the escalation of Israel’s attacks on Gaza, killing over 120 Palestinians in a couple of days. He said the US and Europe had united against the Muslims, but the Muslim world was being divided into groups and sub-groups. He said it was a misfortune that the Muslim rulers were showing indifference towards the plight of the Palestinians. Israel was committing an open aggression against Palestine and demolishing their dwellings, a gross violation of basic human rights, but the UN and the US were silent.

Baloch termed the one-year performance of the government disappointing, especially because of price hike and deepening of energy crisis. He said there was a flood of taxes in the budget, but the rulers were unconcerned towards the miseries of the masses. In such a situation, the opposition had the democratic right to protest. He said if any harm was caused to the democratic setup, the PML-N would be responsible for that.