Can the media stop being distracted by ArsalanIftikhar’s allegations and instead ask him, on what basis did he accept the job at Baluchistan Investment Board(BBI)? Arsalan publicly stated that he did not have a job and runs his own business.How can a person, with no job experience and no international investment experience be given the important post of BIB? How did he qualify? Who accepted Mr. Arsalan for this post? Why is NAB not asking any questions? All these are serious questions about an illegal act that has happened in the past month. It was only rectified when the media highlighted MrArsalanIftikhar taking the job. It is time the government took responsibility and investigated the irregularity.They must not get distracted by MrArsalan’s allegations, as that is his plan. He intends to vanish without answering the allegations or revealing the culprit behind his appointment.


Peshawar, July 9.