LAHORE - The joint opposition in Punjab Assembly will hold a protest demonstration in front of Nandipur Power Station today (Sunday) in an effort to press the government for the early restart of this energy source to provide a little relief to the affectees of unprecedented loadshedding.
Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed, PML-Q deputy parliamentary leader Waqas Akhtar Moakal, JI parliamentary leader Syed Waseem Akhtar and PPP representative will participate in the protest demonstration along with party activists.
PTI and PML-Q leaders said they were unable to understand why the government was not putting on track the Rs 57 billion power station when there was a severe dearth of electricity.
They said government, instead of providing electricity to the people, was directing the police to use brute force against the protesters staging demonstrations again outages. Opposition members said rulers which had made tall claims of controlling the load shedding in six months, had miserably failed to fulfill their promise and compelled the fast observers to come on streets to protest against the unprecedented power cuts depriving them of the facility of water too in the scorching heat.