LAHORE - Unannounced loadshedding continues unabated, adding to the woes of fast-observers across the country.

The national grid is facing 60 per cent gap between demand and supply of electricity and the situation may worsen if the current heat wave continued.

All power distribution companies (Discos) are conducting 14 to 15 hours unscheduled load shedding in cities while there is virtually no electricity in rural areas of the country. The power cuts during Sehr and Iftar are the worst to bear among the fast observers.

Sources say the generation is standing at 13,000MW against the demand of 17,000MW. Around 2000MW is fixed for VVIPs feeders, KESC and other strategically instalment while the rest 11000MW is being distributed among 10 power distribution companies of the country.

Sources said that 16-hours load shedding is hitting the consumers in Punjab, Sind, KP and Balochistan.

The Lesco is conducting more than 14 hours load shedding in Lahore and other cities in its limits while the rural areas in the limits of the company are facing 15 hours prolonged power cuts.

There are reports that the prolonged power cuts in Lahore have caused an acute crisis of water shortage in some parts of the city. The citizens of the provincial capital are facing water woes because of the looming power problem.

The affected areas include parts of the walled city, Shad Bagh, Tajpura, Sabzazar, Ravi Road, Infantry Road and the adjoining regions. Several complaints have been lodged for long term water shortages making day to day activities difficult.

Unavailability of water is causing severe inconveniences. People are furious at the routine shutdowns causing water scarcity and are demanding an immediate end to the ongoing loadshedding, which has crippled the routine life.

The citizens of Lahore are facing a glaring situation as power outages have been intensified due to an increase in temperature, making life and business miserable. Sources said Lesco had been unable to procure transformers since June last year for various reasons. Moreover, the company has virtually run out of transformers and has been unable or unwilling to repair the burnt-out transformers, turning the situation critical.

During the holy month of Ramazan, the government has failed to keep up with the tall claims pertaining to ‘minimizing power cuts’.

Consumers have been making a litany of complaint to authorities concerns but to no avail.

According to them,   complaint cell phone numbers have been unattended.

Consumers are of the view that there was some authorities , ‘more powerful’ than the premiere and Power minister ordering suspension of electricity during Sehr and Iftar.