PESHAWAR - Women Business Development Centre (WBDC) Peshawar is going to organize a 10-day long Eid Bazaar. The bazaar has been given the name of ‘Eid Fair-Khushioyoun kai rang’.

The Eid fair will start from the evening of July 19 and will continue till July 28. The interested parties have been asked to contact the management of the centre for booking stalls. Women Business Development Centre (WBDC) is a project of Small & Medium Enterprises Development Authority (Smeda) of the Ministry of Industries and Production. The project was launched three years back for the promotion of women entrepreneurship to create employment opportunities and alleviate poverty in the country. The centre is providing stalls and racks to the entrepreneurs for the display of their products and incubates to new entrepreneurs to improve the standard of their products.

The centre is consecutively arranging such women specific bazaars on every religious festival and also holds solo exhibitions of the young entrepreneurs. Bazaars and exhibitions organized under the auspices of WBDC Peshawar provide family like environment to women shoppers. The exhibition, Eid Fair will be held in WBDC display hall for the promotion of the products of both its existing rack holders/incubates and encouragement of potential women entrepreneurs.

 The products ranging from a variety of unstitched and stitched clothes, shoes, jewelry, hand bags and other accessories for the festivities of Eid will be available in the fair.