I am a senior citizen and would like to request the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo motto notice against the government as it is violating clauses 25A, 37 and, 38.of Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. There are 20 million children not attending schools and government is not providing jobs to educated youths and has failed to promote social justice and economic protection to the majority of the people, its economic policy is making the rich richer and poor poorer.

Government has failed in governance and there is no concept of collective responsibility, which is hallmark of a parliamentary system. Civil agencies and institutions under the government are dysfunctional and are not responding to the problems faced by common man. Government is increasing its reliance on armed forces day by day to tackle the issues faced by the country.

The civil bureaucracy, instead of serving the people and state, are working as personal servants to the Prime Minister and Chief Ministers. Police force has been used for personal safety of elite rulers. Recently over 1500 Pakistanis died in Karachi due to lack of drinking water and electricity. Either Federal Government or Provincial Sindh government is taking any responsibility for these deaths. The people of Pakistan are being told that democracy is the best revenge against dictatorship, when these political leaders have proved worse than the dictators. I hope that the Supreme Court will protect the people from corrupt, incompetent politicians.


Lahore, July 1.