KABUL: The Afghan government said the world community should take steps against terrorists specially Haqqani network inside the territory of Pakistan, because there is no good or bad terrorism and even approach should be made against this phenomenon, Kabul Times reported today.

In the opinion of the Afghan authorities, shutting up terrorists safe heavens in Pakistan territory is very important. The Afghan government  has time and again reiterated this issue that Pakistan has never been sincere in its promises.

Addressing the media, deputy presidential spokesman Shah Hussain Murtazawi said unfortunately Pakistan has still been making double standard behavior with terrorism.

If this country is honest in its commitments, she should make practical measures against terror cells who are acting against the Afghan government.

Law maker Zahir Saadat said the US and allies should exert more pressure on Pakistan. Until Pakistan has not been isolated, it is not believed that terror threats would decrease in the region and the world.

Commentating on the utterances of president Ghani on the outcomes of Warsaw conference on sincere struggle of Pakistan against terrorism, Senator Mohammad Alam Ezadyar said, Pakistan support and collision of terror groups, have not only deteriorated security situation in Afghanistan but Pakistan as well and the latter would also be victimized. Pakistan should stop its support of Taliban, Al-qaeda and Daesh and instead take honest steps for restoration of peace in Afghanistan.

Law maker Ali Kazemi said, now the NATO leaders should exert further political pressure on Pakistan to give up support to terrorists.