Dear Mr. Prime Minster,

I watched your arrival back to the country only because the channel stopped Edhi's transmission and decided to give coverage to the specially modified aircraft you came on. The transmission covered the helicopters, your house being decked up, how you will meet your family first and then you'll go to your drawing room where all of the guests are going to eat different dishes, etc. I also saw 1,800 policemen appointed at the airport; the normal functions of other passengers were disturbed, so on and so forth. All this hype was being given to you because you had a normal four hour surgery, spent a relaxing month and a half in London and finally decided to honor Pakistan with your presence. Impressive.

But then it hit me. You are no royalty, or the ruler of any super power. In fact, you are just a prime minster of an under developed, third world country. A country that is suffering in so many ways. We take funds from the world because we are poor and need money for basic sectors like education and health. There are people who die because of hunger here.

Your delusional behaviors had me confused. But then I realized that you're nothing more than just a publicly elected servant of Pakistan (you must Google "Pakistan" the things they'll show you, would be the pictures of hungry poor people or terrorist attacks). And realizing all this just made me so sad for your self-proclaimed kingship.

How about we send you for a reality check next time with our tax money? They might give you therapy and bring you back from Lala-land.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against you on a personal level. I don’t support any opposition either. But Mr. Prime Minster if you want to live like a king, please feel free to do that, just not from my country’s money. Stop treating Pakistan as your personal inheritance!

My people are naïve. They trusted you and brought you to a position where they let you make decisions for us and play with this country’s assets. But it’s about time you stop doing that!

Please go out on the road and ask anyone you meet what this country needs. Metro buses or trains would be the last thing you’ll hear. These people need safety, they need employment, and they need food, health and education. They are suffering in many ways and want someone who can make things better for them. They want someone who will care for their loved ones dying due to health issues and not being able to get treated just because they are poor, as much as he would care for his own heart surgery. This is the kind of the leader these people need.

Not going to go into any further details now, because I'm sad over losing someone who actually cared for this country. He was more approachable to anyone dying of hunger or in need of help than you. Because even if someone dies in front of your house Mr. Prime Minster, your security checks won't let the news get to you. They might even help kill him in the name of “security threat”. So much for being a Prime Minster and taking the oath to take care of this country and its people.

So Mr. Prime Minster, I really hope you stay healthy because I don't want you to waste this country’s money anymore. I'll seriously pray for your recovery. And do consider my suggestions, people around you aren't telling you the truth, but trust me the prime minster of a poor country shouldn't be putting up such shows.

This is not just opening everyone’s eyes here and making them hate you, they can also be a hurdle for you getting all the funds from the foreign world that might start mistake us for a wealthy nation. And that would be tragic for you.

Your actual well-wisher,